Beyonce Looks,

by Jordan Dinwiddie

Beyonce is back. We've all heard about the album, we've all seen the videos. I've listened the album a million times in about 2 weeks and I have no regrets.  These are the first things that came to mind when Bey blessed my ears and edges. 


‘Pretty Hurts’

Sitting at home in just a shirt and socks, flipping between Lifetime’s Steel Magnolias (black cast) and a Law and Order: SVU marathon



The first time you smoked weed with people you didn’t know and they shit ended up being laced.


‘Drunk In Love’

Your first really good vibrator



leather jacket, pink lips, scowl, delicate fingers ripping paper, cloth, flesh


 ‘No Angel’

Watching The Newsroom alone and enjoying it.



Wearing your sexiest underwear on a first date and not even getting the goodnight kiss.



Riding the 1 train after a night of partying at 1Oak, as you look over your friends shoulder to see her sending a 3-page text message to her ex apologizing.



Drunk texting your ex after seeing him with his new thang.



Sunburn at Disneyland.



Waking up after the best sleep of your life.



Sharing ‘Stop Kony’ for the first time.



Going to a Lamaze class with rich white women. 

Sell it on Vestiaire so I know it's real.

by Jordan Dinwiddie


I was recently introduced to Vestiaire Collective, an online platform that allows people to buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion. Unlike websites like eBay, Vestiaire Collective eliminate any misleading shopping experiences, as all items are collected by a courier and delivered to the company's headquarters, which are then authenticated and checked before reaching the seller. From Alexander WangDamir DomaYohji Yamamoto andNeil Barrett, to a handpicked selection of niche labels such as A.P.CWood Wood andVisvim, Vestiaire Collective has an impressive catalogue of brands. In other words, you can get this outfit for a fraction of the price. You can even buy Nike sneakers or something from an H&M collaboration you missed out on without having to pay x257208 the original price like on eBay. 

Currently Obsessed: Saint Heron

by Jordan Dinwiddie

I've been a very big fan of this new wave of R&B that has been released lately. I was super excited that Solange decided to curate an album with a lot of my favorite artists out right now. The stand ot track has got to be Jhene Aiko's "Drinking and Driving". She just crushes it and gives me life in the process.  

The Worst

by Jordan Dinwiddie

Mondays are the worst. I've been putting alot of pressure on myself to do an amazing job at work, in hopes of being hired full time, I've been psyching myself out. But today I went with the flow and things felt like things are going to be alright. Especially when there's new Jhene Aiko to listen to to get me through it. 


How do you guys handle a case of the mondays?  

BAPE T-Shirt/Sneakers/MA1 Bomber (similar)/Bag-Phillip Lim for Target

BAPE T-Shirt/Sneakers/MA1 Bomber (similar)/Bag-Phillip Lim for Target